About Us

Z E N  Thai & Japanese Cuisine opens doors and welcome by the City of Crestwood for the first time on November 5, 2006. We've been serving Thai and Japanese food with professional services to you and your family every visit you make to Z E N while keeping an affordable price to our customers. 

On February 10, 2016, Z E N opened Chesterfield location using the same menu selections except sushi.   

Giving out flower to the mothers and taking photos has  become our tradition since 2008. We have been reaching out to families to tighten relations between family's members. Some has return every years on Mother's Day to celebrate as another way to express their love to the mother.  

Thai New Year Celebration also becomes our event since 2009. Your servers and Zen's staffs wear traditional Thai costumes and celebrate the event during mid-April every years. Customers will be able to experience Thai traditional New Year (SONGKRAN Festival) where our people pour water on the hands of person who we pays respect to, as we show appreciation and gratitude to our customers. Come join us during Thai New Year's Week to experience this tradition. Follow our update for the exact date at our website www.zenstl.com or FaceBook page.      

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